The "Chopin" is the largest Polish inland vessel (40,9 m long) built in the style of a 19th century brig.
Its sailing area is the Southern Masuria - Mikołajki Lake, Śniardwy and Bełdany lakes.

All the construction elements of the "Chopin" are made of traditional and original materials,
what contributes to the vessel's exceptional spirit.

The "Chopin" is a vessel powered by a brig-type sail and mechanical drive.
Total surface of a sail is 320 square meters.

  • Statek Chopin - dziób
  • Statek Chopin - rufa
Sailing area of Ship Chopin

- Total length - 40,9m
- Construction length - 34,0 m
- Construction width - 5,7 m
- Total height - 32,0 m
- Side height - 2,8 m
- Draught - 0,9m
- Drive - 2x70 kW
- Number of guests during a cruise - 70 people
- Number of guests while docked - 120 people

Sailing area of the ship

The "Chopin" vessel sails throughout southern Masuria - Mikołajki lake, Bełdany and Śniardwy lakes - during navigation season, it means from the half of April to the half of November. Cruises can be organized any time of day or night.